January 22, 2012.

Just stayed home all day, and around 6 a few members of my family came over for dinner! Chinese New Years dinner/My little cousins birthday dinner. The people who came over were cousin Ashley & Auntie Wendy, Uncle Jason & Auntie Anna & Miranda & Cameron, Uncle Canh & Auntie Celina & cousin Megan(in the picture on the right) & TingTing whose my aunt Celina’s niece from Hong Kong whose staying for a year to study, Uncle John & cousin Jonathan, and my mom’s boyfriends side of the family which was his parents & his uncle and aunt. It’s my cousin haileys birthday today, and yeah she lives with us by the way along with her aunt & my cousin so they were already here! So yeah had dinner & I “hung out with my crush” LOL shown in top left picture. And just chilled for a bit. I was being friendly with Ting Ting, I had sat with her during dinner and we talked like a few words lol, this is my second time meeting her so it wasn’t awkward. She’s freaking 18 when she looks my age lol. She’s here to study for college! Anyways, everyone was watching 49ers the entire time by the way. They lost though, so close to going to the Super Bowl! I’m not a fan, but I’m just saying lol~ K that’s pretty much my day!